$25 Short Curly Wig for Black Women with Bangs Fluffy Kinky Curly Wi Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Short Curly Wig for Limited Special Price Black Women Kinky Wi Fluffy with Bangs Short Curly Wig for Limited Special Price Black Women Kinky Wi Fluffy with Bangs Women,$25,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Wi,for,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Curly,Black,Fluffy,Bangs,Wig,Short,Kinky,Curly,/Bembecidae6852312.html,with Women,$25,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Wi,for,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Curly,Black,Fluffy,Bangs,Wig,Short,Kinky,Curly,/Bembecidae6852312.html,with $25 Short Curly Wig for Black Women with Bangs Fluffy Kinky Curly Wi Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Short Curly Selling and selling Wig for Limited Special Price Black Women Kinky Wi Fluffy with Bangs

Short Curly Wig for Black Women with Bangs Fluffy Kinky Curly Wi


Short Curly Wig for Black Women with Bangs Fluffy Kinky Curly Wi

Product description


Y-H-X always lead the trend of the fashion wig, we offer good quality wigs with 100% high temperature heat resistant synthetic fiber and every wig is made by skillful workers.

In terms of texture, color, and appearance,our wig just looks like real hair.We adopt breathable, safety, comfortable material,provide perfect comfort for every customer.
I'm Wigs can fit all looks,we provide many kinds of color and styles,the Colored Short Bob Wigs Look Just Like Real Hair.
Material:High Quality High Heat Resistant Imported Soft SyntheticFiber
Style:Short curly wig
Texture:Natural Looking and Soft Touch
Heat Resistant Temperture:150c/302f
Function:Perfect for daily use,Halloween,concerts,cosplay,wedding,dating ect
What you can do about the wig?
1.Trim The Length Of The Bangs To Suit Your Own Size
2.Don't Sleep With The Wig Wear on and Put The Wigs On The Wig Stand For Storage When You Donot Wear It
3.Please Just Let The Wig Air-dry Or In Low Temperature And Brush Hair After It Is Completely Dry

Short Curly Wig for Black Women with Bangs Fluffy Kinky Curly Wi

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