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Violin Playing Kit, Natural Colour Violin for Music Lover


Violin Playing Kit, Natural Colour Violin for Music Lover

Product description

1. This is a standard 4/4 specification violin with a body length of about 355mm, suitable for use with an arm length of about 60 cm.
2. The violin panel is made of 8-year-old naturally dried spruce solid wood, with a hard texture and a textured texture.
3. The back and side panels are made of 10-year-old naturally dried maple, with clear and natural texture and fine hand-carved workmanship.
4. With a fine tuning knob, it is a part to help make tuning. When using it, you need to tighten the fixing pin to ensure that the fixing pin is not loose or too tight.
5. The violin kit is relatively complete, including auxiliary tools such as bows, bridges, and rosin, and the bag is equipped for easy storage and protection of the violin.

Item Type: Violin
Panel: Spruce solid wood
Back Panel: Maple solid wood
Side Panel: Maple solid wood
Piano Pillow: Imitation ebony
Pull Plate: Aluminum alloy
Strings: For Aston Villa
Specification: 4/4
Violin Length: Approx. 355mm / 14in
Suitable Arm Length: Approx. 60cm / 23.6in

Package List:
1 x Violin
1 x Violin Bow
1 x Violin Bridge
1 x Rosin
1 x Storage Bag

Violin Playing Kit, Natural Colour Violin for Music Lover

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