$76 Eventide PowerMini EXP Expander for PowerMax Power Supply Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Expander,Eventide,for,/Hypnum6555168.html,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,PowerMax,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,$76,Power,Supply,PowerMini,EXP Expander,Eventide,for,/Hypnum6555168.html,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,PowerMax,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,$76,Power,Supply,PowerMini,EXP $76 Eventide PowerMini EXP Expander for PowerMax Power Supply Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Eventide Ranking TOP3 PowerMini EXP Expander for PowerMax Supply Power Eventide Ranking TOP3 PowerMini EXP Expander for PowerMax Supply Power

Eventide Ranking TOP3 PowerMini EXP Expander Large special price !! for PowerMax Supply Power

Eventide PowerMini EXP Expander for PowerMax Power Supply


Eventide PowerMini EXP Expander for PowerMax Power Supply

Product description

From Eventide: PowerMini is a super compact, isolated power supply for smaller pedalboards that ensures your pedals will achieve maximum fidelity. PowerMini provides four outputs at 600 mA (with 2 outputs switchable to 9, 12, 15 or 18V). Also available is the PowerMini EXP, which is the perfect companion to PowerMax. Simply connect PowerMini EXP to your PowerMax via the courtesy 24V outlet and you are good to go. Each PowerMini comes with 7 flex cables compatible with most pedal brands. Comes with 24V DC Link cable, black, 50cm (EIAJ to red 5.5/2.1mm center positive DC plug) Mounting hardware (2 screws and a hex-key) Product sheet (drill guide) Flex amp; DC Link cable guide 7 Flex Cables: 2 x 1030 - black, 30cm, center negative, type 1 (Eventide Rose, MixingLink amp; BOSS type) 2 x 1050 - black, 50cm, center negative, type 1 (Eventide Rose, MixingLink amp; BOSS type)

Eventide PowerMini EXP Expander for PowerMax Power Supply

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