Silicone,Horses-S,8,Cake,Non-,Gift,Eight,/Hypnum6591768.html,Molds,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cavities,Holes,$32,,8 Silicone,Horses-S,8,Cake,Non-,Gift,Eight,/Hypnum6591768.html,Molds,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cavities,Holes,$32,,8 $32 Eight Horses-S 8 Holes Gift Cake Silicone Molds, 8 Cavities Non- Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Eight Horses-S 8 Holes lowest price Gift Molds Silicone Cavities Cake Non- Eight Horses-S 8 Holes lowest price Gift Molds Silicone Cavities Cake Non- $32 Eight Horses-S 8 Holes Gift Cake Silicone Molds, 8 Cavities Non- Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Eight Max 58% OFF Horses-S 8 Holes lowest price Gift Molds Silicone Cavities Cake Non-

Eight Horses-S 8 Holes Gift Cake Silicone Molds, 8 Cavities Non-


Eight Horses-S 8 Holes Gift Cake Silicone Molds, 8 Cavities Non-

Product description

Food grade durable, flexible silicone, reusable, non-stick and contains no BPA
The oven, refrigerator and dishwasher are safe and can withstand temperatures ranging from - 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 466 degrees Fahrenheit
Non stick and flexible, easy to release chocolate from the mold
Suitable for cake, muffin, chocolate, jelly, ice cream, soap etc
Convenient, safe and easy to clean

How to use?
1. Before first using, please wash with hot water or a cleaning agent to remove surface dust.
2. Don't use on open flames or over a direct heat source.
3. Don't pull and impact it violently or scratch it with sharp things.
4. Don't use abrasive soap or scouring pad to clean them.
5. In order to avoid the dust, don't direct exposure it to the air for a long time.

Package included:2 x Chocolate mould

Eight Horses-S 8 Holes Gift Cake Silicone Molds, 8 Cavities Non-

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