9FT Champagn Polyester Pleated Table Shower Baby Large discharge sale for Skirt Weddi Weddi,Polyester,$22,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Baby,Shower,Table,/Kirghiz6554722.html,Skirt,for,Pleated,9FT,Champagn,covid.nandicounty.go.ke Weddi,Polyester,$22,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Baby,Shower,Table,/Kirghiz6554722.html,Skirt,for,Pleated,9FT,Champagn,covid.nandicounty.go.ke $22 9FT Champagn Polyester Pleated Table Skirt for Baby Shower Weddi Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $22 9FT Champagn Polyester Pleated Table Skirt for Baby Shower Weddi Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining 9FT Champagn Polyester Pleated Table Shower Baby Large discharge sale for Skirt Weddi

Cheap super special price 9FT Champagn Polyester Pleated Table Shower Baby Large discharge sale for Skirt Weddi

9FT Champagn Polyester Pleated Table Skirt for Baby Shower Weddi


9FT Champagn Polyester Pleated Table Skirt for Baby Shower Weddi

Product Description

Champagne polyester table skirt for party


Champagne polyester table skirt paired with other decorations (such as flowers, lights, background curtains and balloons). Different color combinations will make your party more colorful and attractive.


The size refers to the length of the table skirt, not the table.

6FT(L72in×H30in) table skirt

A.covers front and one sides of a 4 ft rectangle table

B.covers front of 6 ft rectangle table

9FT(L108in×H30in) table skirt

A.covers front and two sides of a 4 ft rectangle table

B.covers front and one sides of a 6 ft rectangle table

C.covers front of 8 ft rectangle table

14ft (L168in×H30in) table skirt

A.covers four sides of a 4 ft rectangle

B. covers three sides of a 6 ft rectangle table

C.covers front and two sides of an 8ft rectangle table

D. covers front of a 14ft rectangle table only.

9FT Champagn Polyester Pleated Table Skirt for Baby Shower Weddi

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