301,$126,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,/Kirghiz6592122.html,Crain,Back,Cutter,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Cushion,(3),Carpet Crain 301 Cushion Back Cutter 3 Large discharge sale Carpet $126 Crain 301 Cushion Back Carpet Cutter (3) Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools 301,$126,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,/Kirghiz6592122.html,Crain,Back,Cutter,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Cushion,(3),Carpet Crain 301 Cushion Back Cutter 3 Large discharge sale Carpet $126 Crain 301 Cushion Back Carpet Cutter (3) Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Crain 301 Cushion Back Cutter 3 Large discharge sale Carpet Atlanta Mall

Crain 301 Cushion Back Carpet Cutter (3)


Crain 301 Cushion Back Carpet Cutter (3)

Product description

Item Package Quantity:3

Designed especially for trimming and cutting superdense 5/64 inch gauge foam or sponge-backed carpets. Double 30 degree angle blades cut either side of the row close and clean to help produce better seams. The long, slender front guide is beveled at the bottom, making it easy to stay in a row. Made from nickel plated steel.

Crain 301 Cushion Back Carpet Cutter (3)

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