Crossroads,Grandma's,4-Wick,Ounce,$57,/Kirghiz6776722.html,Kitchen,,Candle,,Scented,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,96 Crossroads Grandma's Kitchen Scented Ounce 96 supreme Candle 4-Wick Crossroads Grandma's Kitchen Scented Ounce 96 supreme Candle 4-Wick $57 Crossroads Grandma's Kitchen Scented 4-Wick Candle, 96 Ounce Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Crossroads,Grandma's,4-Wick,Ounce,$57,/Kirghiz6776722.html,Kitchen,,Candle,,Scented,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,96 $57 Crossroads Grandma's Kitchen Scented 4-Wick Candle, 96 Ounce Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Crossroads Grandma's Kitchen Scented Ounce 96 SEAL limited product supreme Candle 4-Wick

Crossroads Grandma's Kitchen Scented 4-Wick Candle, 96 Ounce


Crossroads Grandma's Kitchen Scented 4-Wick Candle, 96 Ounce

Product description

Grandma's Kitchen - Almond, vanilla, cinnamon and a hint of cocoa. Light up your home with a high quality, clean burning candle from Crossroads Original Designs! Crossroads scented candles are made with a very clean burning, blended paraffin wax which allows for the maximum amount of fragrance. Proudly made in the USA.

Crossroads Grandma's Kitchen Scented 4-Wick Candle, 96 Ounce

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