Ladder,Step,4,Pool/Pontoon,,$232,,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,JLXJ,for,Collapsi,Swim,Boat,Foldable,/Kirghiz6851922.html $232 JLXJ Foldable 4 Step Boat Ladder for Swim Pool/Pontoon, Collapsi Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Ladder,Step,4,Pool/Pontoon,,$232,,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,JLXJ,for,Collapsi,Swim,Boat,Foldable,/Kirghiz6851922.html JLXJ Foldable 4 Large discharge sale Step Boat Ladder Pool for Swim Collapsi Pontoon $232 JLXJ Foldable 4 Step Boat Ladder for Swim Pool/Pontoon, Collapsi Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness JLXJ Foldable 4 Large discharge sale Step Boat Ladder Pool for Swim Collapsi Pontoon

Max 65% OFF JLXJ Foldable 4 Large discharge sale Step Boat Ladder Pool for Swim Collapsi Pontoon

JLXJ Foldable 4 Step Boat Ladder for Swim Pool/Pontoon, Collapsi


JLXJ Foldable 4 Step Boat Ladder for Swim Pool/Pontoon, Collapsi

Product description

-- This boat ladder is made to be bolted to a horizontal platform such a the boat floor. for pontoon boat , fishing boat, dock, swimming pool, inflatable boat, Deck, Marine, Yacht Boat Ship, Diver

-- Product Parameters:
Product Name: Telescopic Boat Ladder.
Material: 304 Stainless steel
Surface : Mirror polished

-- Package Includes : Telescoping Ladder with Mounting Screws

-- Product Characteristic:
1. Folding design to strength the stability of ladder
2. Each step has a slip-proof plastic tread to assure maximum safety
3. Installation is very easym
4. Steps drop smoothly into water and also quickly stowed away while not in use
5. Constructed of marine grade stainless steel for durability

Please allow 0.5-1 inch difference due to manual measurement.(1 inch=2.54cm)
The color of the actual items may slightly different from the listing images due to different

JLXJ Foldable 4 Step Boat Ladder for Swim Pool/Pontoon, Collapsi

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