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Nuojie Gardening Irrigation Dripper Large Sp Control Flow Max 50% 5% OFF OFF Remote

Nuojie Gardening Irrigation Dripper Large Flow Remote Control Sp


Nuojie Gardening Irrigation Dripper Large Flow Remote Control Sp

Product description

It is very suitable for agriculture, lawns, gardens, courtyards, greenhouses, flower beds, swimming pools, etc.
Product introduction: It is made of high-quality plastic and can be used with various 3/4-inch connectors.

Connection size: 3/4 inch external thread
Working pressure: 1.5-3.0 bar
Spray radius: about 8-18m
Flow rate: 2470-3000L/H
Spray direction: 360 degrees

Packing: 2 pieces

Scope of application:
It is widely used for irrigating lawns, nurseries, backyards, flowers, trees, orchards, gardens, greenhouses, etc. The water is atomized to form a mist, and then the temperature will decrease.

360 degree adjustable
Counterweight arm, which reduces the rotation speed and provides better water coverage
Diffuser screws disrupt water flow and improve water coverage
Straight-through sprinkler design, excellent performance under dirty water conditions

Nuojie Gardening Irrigation Dripper Large Flow Remote Control Sp

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