Z-Color 2 Pieces Hair Scalp Brush Head Shampoo Max 61% OFF C Massager Z-Color 2 Pieces Hair Scalp Brush Head Shampoo Max 61% OFF C Massager $32 Z-Color 2 Pieces Hair Scalp Massager, Shampoo Brush Head Scalp C Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $32 Z-Color 2 Pieces Hair Scalp Massager, Shampoo Brush Head Scalp C Beauty Personal Care Hair Care C,Z-Color,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,$32,Shampoo,Hair,/Sambucus6554394.html,Scalp,Pieces,Massager,,Head,Scalp,Brush,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,2 C,Z-Color,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,$32,Shampoo,Hair,/Sambucus6554394.html,Scalp,Pieces,Massager,,Head,Scalp,Brush,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,2

Z-Color 2 Pieces Hair Scalp Surprise price Brush Head Shampoo Max 61% OFF C Massager

Z-Color 2 Pieces Hair Scalp Massager, Shampoo Brush Head Scalp C


Z-Color 2 Pieces Hair Scalp Massager, Shampoo Brush Head Scalp C

Product description



Quantity: 2 pieces

Product Specification:

Material: ABS + TPE

Color: Green,Pink

Size: 7.8*9*7cm

Package Includes:

1 * Shampoo Brush


Made of high: quality silicon, the brush bristle is soft ,heat amp; cold resistant , enviormental friendly No hurt to the scalp no matter used wetly or dryly. No damage to your manicure. No battery required.

Soft Silicone Comb: Wet amp; Dry Scalp Care Massage Brush for Dandruff Relief, Exfoliating Treatment, Shampoo Scrubbing and Hair Growth, Shampoo brush with perfect grip handle to fit your hand comfortably.


● Do not use when there is abnormality on the scalp, such as redness, swelling and eczema;

● In order to avoid damage to the scalp and hair, please do not wipe excessively;

● Please do not turn the brush like a circle to avoid the phenomenon of hair entanglement;

● Do not use damaged or deformed brushes;

● After use, please rinse with clean water and dry naturally in a ventilated place;

● Please avoid direct sunlight or high temperature storage.

Z-Color 2 Pieces Hair Scalp Massager, Shampoo Brush Head Scalp C

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