$49 LZKW Condenser Microphone Bundle, Sound Effects Fixable Suspensi Musical Instruments Microphones Accessories Musical Instruments , Microphones Accessories,Effects,LZKW,Microphone,Bundle,,Condenser,Fixable,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Sound,$49,/Sambucus6591994.html,Suspensi $49 LZKW Condenser Microphone Bundle, Sound Effects Fixable Suspensi Musical Instruments Microphones Accessories LZKW Condenser Max 57% OFF Microphone Bundle Fixable Effects Sound Suspensi Musical Instruments , Microphones Accessories,Effects,LZKW,Microphone,Bundle,,Condenser,Fixable,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Sound,$49,/Sambucus6591994.html,Suspensi LZKW Condenser Max 57% OFF Microphone Bundle Fixable Effects Sound Suspensi

LZKW Condenser Max 57% OFF Microphone Japan's largest assortment Bundle Fixable Effects Sound Suspensi

LZKW Condenser Microphone Bundle, Sound Effects Fixable Suspensi


LZKW Condenser Microphone Bundle, Sound Effects Fixable Suspensi

Product description


1. BM800 wired microphone, suitable for KTV karaoke, studio broadcasting, stage, TV station and etc.
2. For V8 sound card to beautify the sound, 15 sound effects are used in different conditions, which can create a good atmosphere for the host.
3. The suspension arm bracket and strong clamp can install the microphone on the desktop, realize freeing hands.
4. Equipped with a windshield damping bracket to effectively reduce the noise interference of vibration and wind on the product.
5. The suspension arm bracket can be adjusted in height and position according to needs to meet your different needs.


Condition: 100% Brand New

Item Type:

LZKW Condenser Microphone Bundle, Sound Effects Fixable Suspensi

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