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TWS Rapid rise Vacuum Sales of SALE items from new works Mug Sports Supplies Headset Multi‑purpos Cup Water

TWS Vacuum Mug, Sports Supplies Water Cup Headset Multi‑purpos


TWS Vacuum Mug, Sports Supplies Water Cup Headset Multi‑purpos

Product description


1. Multi‑purpose vacuum cup, a necessary artifact for exercise and fitness, which can be performed at the same time while listening to music and drinking water.
2. The cup cover is a earphone compartment, which is uniquely designed to connect to the ear, and the music can be connected smoothly by removing the earphone.
3. The cup is made of food‑grade ABS, and the inner container is made of 304 stainless steel, which is insulated and cold.
4. The appearance is exquisite, and the appearance is made of plastic spraying process, which is of better quality and can be used with confidence.
5. Easy to use, separate free technology, free connection of single and double ears, convenient for your use.

How to Use:


TWS Vacuum Mug, Sports Supplies Water Cup Headset Multi‑purpos

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