Satco S39026 9 watt LED Direct Downlight; 5-6 Cash special price 2700K; inch; Wire Satco,LED,watt,Downlight;,Wire,/allegorism6591826.html,Direct,S39026,9,2700K;,,inch;,5-6,$175,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs $175 Satco S39026 9 watt LED Direct Wire Downlight; 5-6 inch; 2700K; Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs Satco,LED,watt,Downlight;,Wire,/allegorism6591826.html,Direct,S39026,9,2700K;,,inch;,5-6,$175,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs Satco S39026 9 watt LED Direct Downlight; 5-6 Cash special price 2700K; inch; Wire $175 Satco S39026 9 watt LED Direct Wire Downlight; 5-6 inch; 2700K; Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs

Satco S39026 9 watt LED Direct Downlight; 5-6 Cash special Nippon regular agency price 2700K; inch; Wire

Satco S39026 9 watt LED Direct Wire Downlight; 5-6 inch; 2700K;


Satco S39026 9 watt LED Direct Wire Downlight; 5-6 inch; 2700K;

Product Description

U-Bend LED

Check out our Products. For Example Enjoy the Satco (12 Pack) Part Number: S11972; 13 Watt T8 U-Bend LED

Satco (12 Pack) Part Number: S11972; 13 Watt T8 U-Bend LED; 50000 Hours; Medium bi-pin Base; 2000 Lumens; 4000K; Type A/B; Ballast Dependent.

  • New! Led T8 Dual Mode U-bend Lamps; Led T8 Dual Mode (Ballast Bypass/ Ballast Compatible) U-bend Lamps Direct Replacements For Fluorescent U-bend Lamps In Existing Fixtures With Or Without Ballasts; Up To 60% Energy Savings Vs. Standard T8 Systems
  • Ballast Compatible (Wiring–ballast Compatible Type A) And Ballast Bypass In One Lamp; Compatible With Emergency And Dimming Ballasts. It May Not Be Compatible With All Instant Start, Rapid Start, Dimmable, And Emergency Ballasts.
  • Bypass Mode Works In Single Or Double Ended Wiring Led Tube Life Will Change With Ballast Factor, Configurations Producing Ballast Factors Above 1.18 Are Not Allowed
U-Bend LED

U-bend Lamps Direct Replacements For Fluorescent U-bend Lamps

About Us...Satco, Yes About Satco!

We are Satco, We are a leading supplier of lighting products, we provide solutions for nearly every lighting market across the commercial, residential and industrial landscape. With over 1.5 million square feet of inventory throughout North America, and thousands of products ranging from light bulbs and LED technologies to decorative fixtures, smart lighting, and even lighting components, Satco is the single resource for all of your lighting needs. We do the LIGHT thing.

Satco|Nuvo is a leading manufacturer of lighting solutions including bulbs, decorative lighting, functional and task lighting as well as lighting components. We carry over 12,000 SKUs at any given time and manufacture approximately 2.3 new products daily. We are a lighting resource for nearly every application across the residential, commercial and industrial landscape, and pride ourselves in our ability to serve the lighting community as a single vendor solution.

Satco’s commitment to our customers means continually delivering on the product, quality, and partnership. Whether manufacturing products to solve installation and application challenges or working with our customers in partnership to assist them in their projects, business, and sales goals. Satco is a "solution-minded" company.

Our customer is our top priority and ensuring our ability to service their needs through sustainable capacity, competitiveness and solid business practice are central to our business. Satco has over a dozen distribution centers throughout North America including Puerto Rico and Canada.

We are one of only a few privately held companies of our size, and we attribute our success to our relationships and reputation. We “do the right thing.”

Quality, trust, loyalty and hard work are the backbone of this business. These values are part of our legacy and are inherent in how we conduct business, the products we manufacture, the relationships we support and the people behind our business interactions.

We do the light thing. We do the right thing. Since 1966.

6.5 Watt; LED MR16 LED; 3000K; 40 deg. Beam Angle; GU5.3 base; 12 Volt AC/DC Satco (8 Pack) Led Color Selectable Downlight Retrofits, Part Number S11835, 9 Watt; 5 Inch Satco S9639 16.5BR40/LED/3000K/1230L/120V 75W Replacement Ditto BR40 LED Dimmable Reflector Satco s7249 6 Bulbs Daylight 15W E26 Reflector Compact Fluorescent - Fragile Satco 60PAR30L/HAL/XEN/NFL/120V Halogen Halogen PAR Light, 60W E26 PAR30, Clear Bulb Satco S3928 (12-Bulbs) 75 Watt A19 Rough Service Incandescent Heavy Duty Light Bulb, Frosted, Medium
Satco 6.5 Watt; LED MR16 LED; 3000K; 40 deg. Beam Angle; GU5.3 base; 12 Volt Satco (8 Pack) Led Color Selectable Downlight Retrofits, Part Number S11835 Satco S9639 16.5BR40/LED/3000K/1230L/120V 75W LED Dimmable Satco s7249 6 Bulbs Daylight 15W E26 Reflector Compact Fluorescent - Fragile Satco 60PAR30L/HAL/XEN/NFL/120V Halogen Halogen PAR Light, 60W E26 PAR30, Clear Satco S3928 (12-Bulbs) 75 Watt A19 Rough Service Incandescent Heavy Duty Light
Wattage 6.5 Watts 9 Watts 75 Watts 15 Watts 60 watts 75 Watts
Color Temperature 3000 Kelvin Customizable 2700K - 5000K 3000 Kelvin 5000 Kelvin 3000 Kelvin 2700K

Applications amp; Industries

satco applications logo

Solutions that Answer Your Application Needs

Just about anywhere you can find lighting you can find a lighting solution from Satco|Nuvo. We continually strive to create products that answer the total needs of the customer chain -- that includes installers, builders, and specifiers, not to mention the real-world needs of end-users across a multitude of industries and applications.

Satco|Nuvo strives to produce high-quality lighting products that reduce labor time, save on energy and offer premium value at the application site with products that include features like photocell and motion sensors, lighting that offers better visual appeal and comfort, longer life, and lower maintenance, dark sky, emergency options and more.

Lighting has undergone a big transition with LED, but not everyone is ready to undertake a complete technological transition. While Satco offers one of the largest and growing selections of emerging LED technologies in fixtures and lamps in the industry, we also understand that the transition from old technologies to new technologies can take time and money.

Change is often a big undertaking, so Satco designs products that help bridge the transition. We manufacture lighting that helps retrofit traditional fixtures with new LED bulbs, so taking advantage of LED benefits without having to invest in new fixtures and expensive labor costs is easy, and lighting customers can take on new technology at a pace that is comfortable to them.

Agricultural | Educational | Healthcare | Hospitality | Industrial | Multi-family amp; Mixed Use | Municipal | Outdoor/Security | Public Spaces | Residential amp; Home | Retail | Workplace.

Satco has one of the largest offerings of project-based lighting fixtures in the industry -- perfect for the builder market. Our fixtures include a broad range of styles that suit a variety of needs, from basic to enhanced lighting effects and everything inbetween.

Satco manufactures integrated LED fixtures for ease of installation, retrofit options for remodeling projects, quick-fix LED options fast, energy efficient solutions and a variety of lighting fixtures that solve a host of issues from low ceiling and narrow space to ceiling insulation and more.

Multi-family amp; Mixed Use

Thread and Downlights

Thread and Downlights

Lighting is a crucial aspect in the multi-family and mixed-use space, both in property development and post-construction, as energy-efficient lighting represents huge utility savings and aesthetic fixtures can increase perceived value. Satco's LED solutions are designed to facilitate the builder, provide maintenance and operational cost savings, all while offering appeal to the potential occupants within aesthetic and environmental consideration. Satco recognizes the huge potential of this market and houses one of the largest offerings of project-based lighting in the industry, covering a full range of solutions including SPRINT our low-profile integrated and remote driver downlights, which are available in the popular edge-lit ultra-thin style as well as in the architectural downlighting style, a variety of track lighting from mono-point to track bars, tight-to-ceiling flush mounts for minimalist general illumination, cove lighting, and decorative fixtures - even decorative fixtures that offer emergency back-up options. For refurbished buildings, Satco's LED retrofit lamps offer quick-fix alternatives like our "Quicktrim" retrofits that cover up the edges of the old recessed cans and other replacement options. For builders looking to elevate the aesthetic at a lower cost Satco has developed a “build-your-own” architectural downlighting lighting with Satco's Freedom line. And Thread its low profile connective linear downlights add interest to architectural detail, opening up spaces and creating intrigue. On the decorative and design side, Nuvo fixtures offer collections and eclectic pieces that are perfect for residential project base construction. From kitchen islands to outdoor lighting, we offer the largest selection of lighting in the industry.Thread and Downlights Thread’s low profile helps create dramatic lighting effects, opening up spaces, architectural details, coves and toe-kicks while maintaining its anonymity. It offers unsurpassed light uniformity through advanced color management technology that ranks and mixes the LED technology for greater color consistency and exact spacing of LEDs for consistent and even lighting.Satco's downlights offer warm color temperatures in this residential kitchen providing general illumination that accents the room without glare.

Satco S39026 9 watt LED Direct Wire Downlight; 5-6 inch; 2700K;

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A Basic Guide To ASX Trading

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is among the top ten of the world's leading financial market exchanges. It was born out of a merger by the Sydney Futures Exchange and the Australi