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JiYZe Earrings Gold Plated 3D Bird Fringe Parrot Ea Asymmetrical 40% OFF Cheap Long-awaited Sale

JiYZe Earrings Gold Plated 3D Asymmetrical Parrot Bird Fringe Ea


JiYZe Earrings Gold Plated 3D Asymmetrical Parrot Bird Fringe Ea

Product description

Treatment process: dripping oil
Type: Stud Earrings
Style: Women's
Styling: Flowers
Packaging: Individually packed
Applicable gifts occasions: employee benefits, wedding, travel commemoration
Inlay material: gold-plated inlaid artificial gemstone / semi-precious stone

JiYZe Earrings Gold Plated 3D Asymmetrical Parrot Bird Fringe Ea

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