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N A Anion Curling Iron Styling Miami Mall Curly Anti-Skid All items in the store Silicone Hair

N / A Anion Curling Iron, Curly Hair Styling, Silicone Anti-Skid


N / A Anion Curling Iron, Curly Hair Styling, Silicone Anti-Skid

Product description


Product name: curling iron

Size: Length 34.5cm

Gear position: 5 gear adjustment

Specification: 32mm

Rated voltage: 220V

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Rated power: 47/58/62/69W

Power cord length: 1.8m

Heating element coating: water-based ceramic glaze + essential oil coating

Application: styling, curly hair

Features: rapid temperature rise, automatic power off, no hair damage, light and portable

Note: The data is measured by workers, with an error of 1-3mm, which does not affect the use. Please refer to the actual product you received.

N / A Anion Curling Iron, Curly Hair Styling, Silicone Anti-Skid

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