XYSQWZ Wall-Mounted Electric Towel Warmer Switch 35% OFF with Elect LED XYSQWZ Wall-Mounted Electric Towel Warmer Switch 35% OFF with Elect LED $395 XYSQWZ Wall-Mounted Electric Towel Warmer with LED Switch, Elect Home Kitchen Bath Wall-Mounted,Elect,/ammonifier6591773.html,XYSQWZ,Home Kitchen , Bath,LED,Switch,,with,Warmer,Electric,Towel,$395,covid.nandicounty.go.ke $395 XYSQWZ Wall-Mounted Electric Towel Warmer with LED Switch, Elect Home Kitchen Bath Wall-Mounted,Elect,/ammonifier6591773.html,XYSQWZ,Home Kitchen , Bath,LED,Switch,,with,Warmer,Electric,Towel,$395,covid.nandicounty.go.ke

XYSQWZ Wall-Mounted Electric Towel Warmer Switch 35% OFF with Elect LED Dealing full price reduction

XYSQWZ Wall-Mounted Electric Towel Warmer with LED Switch, Elect


XYSQWZ Wall-Mounted Electric Towel Warmer with LED Switch, Elect

Product description

We have designed the towel heater with top-level functions at a reasonable price. This amazing towel heater is something you must have in every bathroom.
Power supply voltage: optional (110-240 V) The default is the universal voltage selected by most countries. If you have special requirements, you can contact us.
Installation method: 1, Plug-in 2, Hardwired

Name: Electric Towel Warmer
Product material: 304 stainless steel
Length*width*height: 800*600*120 mm/31.5*23.6*4.7 inches
Waterproof rating: IP55
Power: 90 W
Temperature: 50 °C
Heating time: 5 min
Use: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hotel

XYSQWZ Wall-Mounted Electric Towel Warmer with LED Switch, Elect

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