$34 TRP Double Eye Spring (3-Leaf) - 1,750 Lb Capacity - 25-1/4 Inch Automotive Exterior Accessories TRP Double Eye New arrival Spring 3-Leaf - 1 Lb Inch Capacity 750 4 25-1 Automotive , Exterior Accessories,/ammonifier6777073.html,Lb,(3-Leaf),Capacity,-,Inch,-,1,750,TRP,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Double,$34,25-1/4,Spring,Eye TRP Double Eye New arrival Spring 3-Leaf - 1 Lb Inch Capacity 750 4 25-1 Automotive , Exterior Accessories,/ammonifier6777073.html,Lb,(3-Leaf),Capacity,-,Inch,-,1,750,TRP,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Double,$34,25-1/4,Spring,Eye $34 TRP Double Eye Spring (3-Leaf) - 1,750 Lb Capacity - 25-1/4 Inch Automotive Exterior Accessories

TRP Double Eye High quality new New arrival Spring 3-Leaf - 1 Lb Inch Capacity 750 4 25-1

TRP Double Eye Spring (3-Leaf) - 1,750 Lb Capacity - 25-1/4 Inch


TRP Double Eye Spring (3-Leaf) - 1,750 Lb Capacity - 25-1/4 Inch

Product description

Trailer Leaf Springs come in a variety of lengths, widths, capacities and styles. Free Length is the distance from the center of each mounting hole on a double eye spring, or from the mounting hole to the tip of the radius end on a slipper spring. The Number of Leaves refers to the total sections of spring material that make up the spring assembly. Free Arch is measured from the center line of the mounting holes to the center of the top surface of the main leaf with no load applied to the spring. Capacity is measured per spring so two 1,750 pound springs would be used on a 3,500 pound axle for example.

Please note: All dimensions are nominal and measurements may vary slightly.

TRP Double Eye Spring (3-Leaf) - 1,750 Lb Capacity - 25-1/4 Inch

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