$39 Fellowes Electron 180 Trimmer (5410502) Office Products Office School Supplies Trimmer,$39,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Fellowes,Office Products , Office School Supplies,180,Electron,(5410502),/ammonifier6777173.html Trimmer,$39,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Fellowes,Office Products , Office School Supplies,180,Electron,(5410502),/ammonifier6777173.html $39 Fellowes Electron 180 Trimmer (5410502) Office Products Office School Supplies Fellowes Electron 180 Trimmer 5410502 Branded goods Fellowes Electron 180 Trimmer 5410502 Branded goods

Directly managed store Fellowes Electron 180 Trimmer 5410502 Branded goods

Fellowes Electron 180 Trimmer (5410502)


Fellowes Electron 180 Trimmer (5410502)

From the manufacturer

Neutrino 90 Rotary Trimmer Neutron Rotary Trimmer Neutron Plus Rotary Trimmer Electron 180 Rotary Trimmer
Application Personal Personal Personal Personal
Cut Length (in) 9" 12" 12" 18"
Cut Capacity 5 Sheets 10 Sheets 10 Sheets 10 Sheets
# of Blades Included 1 1 4 4
Blade Styles Included 1 Straight 1 Straight 1 straight, 1 wavy, 1 perforate and 1 score 1 straight, 1 wavy, 1 perforate and 1 fold
Interchangeable Blades No Yes Yes Yes
Paper Clamp Yes - Manual Yes - Manual Yes - Manual Yes - Variable
Cutting Base Plastic Plastic Metallic Surface Metal
Dimensions 1.81" x 5.31" x 13.44" 3.38" x 8.50" x 19.13" 3.83" x 8.5" x 9.13" 3.38" x 8.63" x 24.63"

Fellowes Electron 180 Trimmer (5410502)

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