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HTDZDX Solar Lights Ground Garden Lawn Lights 5 LED Solar Dome L


HTDZDX Solar Lights Ground Garden Lawn Lights 5 LED Solar Dome L

Product description


Lamp type: solar plug-in lamp
material: plastic
Color: white amp; black Lightcolorcoolwhite (daylight)
Color temperature: 7000 Kelvin
Sphere (including ground nails): 15 x 19cm (diameter * height)
Total length: approx. 400cm
Battery: Built-in lithium battery
Lighting time: approx. 6 hours
Protection level: IP44
Light source: LED
Power bulb: 0.06 watts, 3.2 volts
A set of 5 hemispherical LED solar lights.
These solar lights are made of sturdy plastic and have an IP44 degree of protection against splashing water.
Installation is very simple, because these lights and related solar panels are only inserted into the ground through the attached grounding spike.
Since the built-in solar battery charges the built-in battery, these lights can be placed completely without connecting to a power source. These solar lights are charged during the day to ensure good lighting at night for up to 6 hours of lighting.
The LED bulb has been integrated in the lamp.
Package Included:
1 set * solar ball light string

HTDZDX Solar Lights Ground Garden Lawn Lights 5 LED Solar Dome L

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