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QXHELI Portable Insulated Cooler Super sale Max 88% OFF period limited Thermal Bento LunchShoulder Box

QXHELI Portable Insulated Cooler LunchShoulder Thermal Bento Box


QXHELI Portable Insulated Cooler LunchShoulder Thermal Bento Box

Product description

Free Your Hands and Enjoy Walk - Our fashion picnic allows objects with your hands when you walk. Release your hands to enjoy embracing your family and friends, and using your mobile phone or camera to commemorate the beautiful scenery and wonderful stories at anytime, anywhere
Premium Material:high quality 600D polyester fabric, tear resistant, wear-resistant, easy cleaning. leakproof PEVA inner and insulation lining to protect you from leaks or spills
Details:this highly functional bag comes equipped with a detachable shoulder strap
Dimension:The exact size (7.5x 3.7x 10.4in / 19*9.5*26.5cm)
Package List:Insulated Lunch Bag
Portable Lunch Bag:Great suit for work beach travel picnic hiking camping addition Its convenient size makes it a versatile choice for packing snacks for long road trips in the car
Big Capacity:This bag is designed with a max-efficient expandable side water bottle holder this lunch bag with large capacity which is easy to fit for multiple lunch container some fruits drinks snacks and lunch box
Satisfaction Guarantee: If our large cooler bag do not meet your expectations, please contact us, please rest assured, we will solve the problem for you immediately. Your satisfaction is the purpose of our service

QXHELI Portable Insulated Cooler LunchShoulder Thermal Bento Box

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