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25KG/H Whole Garlic Peeling Machine, Electric Stainless Steel Ga


25KG/H Whole Garlic Peeling Machine, Electric Stainless Steel Ga

Product description

25KG/H Whole Garlic Peeler Machine

Operation Tips:

✔Before starting the machine, carefully check whether there is any debris in the peeling barrel.
✔Make sure the machine cover is locked.
✔Put the garlic to be peeled into the funnel, preferably dried garlic with the stalk removed, the peeling rate will be higher.
✔Before cleaning and disassembling, first disconnect the power supply to stop the machine.
✔During processing, do not press the switch with wet hands.

Name: Garlic peeling machine
Material: stainless steel
Product color: stainless steel
Rated voltage: 110V/220V
Rated frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Rated power: 180W
Hourly output: 25KG/h
Peeling rate: 98%
Product size: 22*21*51cm
Packing size: 25*25*48cm
Net weight: 8.5kg
Gross weight: 10kg

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Our service is top-notch. The product will usually be delivered between 10-15 days. Please rest assured to place an order.

25KG/H Whole Garlic Peeling Machine, Electric Stainless Steel Ga

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