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Max 59% OFF XJJZS Marine Binoculars Military Compass with Outstanding Rangefinder Level

XJJZS Marine Binoculars Military Level with Rangefinder Compass


XJJZS Marine Binoculars Military Level with Rangefinder Compass

Product description

Eyepiece diameter: 24mm
Mirror body material: metal + environmental protection rubber
Objective lens diameter: 50mm
Eye cup type: Folding eye mask
Exit pupil diameter: 7mm
Close focus distance: about 5 meters
Field of view range: 396ft@ 1000yds
Exit pupil distance: 15mm
Prism system: Paul type BAK4 prism
Length/width/height: about 20x8x17cm
Waterproof function: nitrogen-filled waterproof
Net weight: 1098 grams
As we all know, different computers display different colors,
The color of the actual product may be slightly different from the picture below.

XJJZS Marine Binoculars Military Level with Rangefinder Compass

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