Replacing,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,Service,Miracle,up,Rough,/bank6554860.html,Light,14W,LED,Bulb,,$42,Household $42 Miracle LED 14W Rough Service Household Light Bulb Replacing up Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs Miracle LED 14W Rough Service Bulb Topics on TV Light up Household Replacing $42 Miracle LED 14W Rough Service Household Light Bulb Replacing up Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs Replacing,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,Service,Miracle,up,Rough,/bank6554860.html,Light,14W,LED,Bulb,,$42,Household Miracle LED 14W Rough Service Bulb Topics on TV Light up Household Replacing

Miracle LED 14W Rough Service Bulb Topics on cheap TV Light up Household Replacing

Miracle LED 14W Rough Service Household Light Bulb Replacing up


Miracle LED 14W Rough Service Household Light Bulb Replacing up

Product description

Size:6 Pack

The Miracle LED Rough Service Multi-Use LED Light Bulb is not only an extreme energy saver, but also is part of our Can't Shake ‘Em Can't Break ‘Em line of the toughest LED bulbs on the planet. Replace old 120W bulbs with this 14W Miracle LED and save tons on energy by replacing just one bulb! No heat – safe for any fixture. Use in ceiling cans in your garage, home, basement, shop, shed or even outdoors in a covered fixture in your entry way, porch, or patio. These bulbs can withstand even the harshest environments. Use in your garage door opener, overhead fans or other high vibration and shock prone fixtures that would kill normal bulbs, but not this long-life LED bulb. This breakthrough LED light is vibration and shock resistant and has an expected lifespan of 20, 000+ hours. . . you may never have to replace another garage door bulb again! Trust Miracle LED, as one of the pioneers of LED development, to provide safe, efficient and bulbs that benefit both yourself and the ENVIRONMENT. This bulb is the pinnacle of our efforts over the last 6 years and combines the classic a-shape Edison style you're used to with our revolutionary Almost Free Energy LED technology. LED chip technology is the safer and more efficient choice because it's manufactured with no mercury or lead, starts up instantly and saves you money. Technical specifications: 5000 Kelvin color temperature; standard E26 medium household base; 20, 000+ hour estimated lifespan; 1. 68 estimated annual energy cost.

Miracle LED 14W Rough Service Household Light Bulb Replacing up

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