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In The Style Of Cyberpunk Guitar Bag Backpack Guitar Gig Bag 42.


In The Style Of Cyberpunk Guitar Bag Backpack Guitar Gig Bag 42.

Product description

why choose our Guitar Case?
It is an extra thick, waterproof, well-made guitar case with excellent quality. Available in various pattern.
Two storage bags keep the foldable music stand, tuner, paddles, strings, cables and accessories in order, while tablets, smartphones and music scores can also be stored in special bags.
The interior includes extra thick padded sidewalls, smooth lining and scratch resistant cloth, and an adjustable neck bracket to provide additional protection.
Material: waterproof oxford fabric
The size : 42.9x16.9x4.7 in

In The Style Of Cyberpunk Guitar Bag Backpack Guitar Gig Bag 42.

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