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FSBYB service Solar Lights Waterproof Limited Special Price Powered Garden Landsc

FSBYB Solar Lights Waterproof Solar Powered Garden Lights Landsc


FSBYB Solar Lights Waterproof Solar Powered Garden Lights Landsc

Product description

1. Material: Stainless Steel amp; ABS amp; Plastic
2. Color: White amp; Silver
3. Weight: 25.04oz / 710g
4. Dimensions: (14.57 x 2.07)" / (37 x 5.25)cm (H x D)
5. Voltage: 1.2(V)
6. Light Source: LED
7. Light Power: 0.06W
8. Solar Panel: 2V 40MAH
9. Sunshine Duration: 8-10h
10. Light Color: White

Package Includes:
10 x LED Lamps
10 x Lamp Shades
10 x Lamp Poles

Please check the battery in it. Put on the light, when you put them under sunshine.

FSBYB Solar Lights Waterproof Solar Powered Garden Lights Landsc

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