$114 Yangmanini 10 × 42- Hand high-Performance HD Camera Concert nitr Electronics Camera Photo Yangmanini 10 × 42- Hand Attention brand nitr HD high-Performance Concert Camera HD,Yangmanini,Camera,Hand,42-,nitr,10,high-Performance,Electronics , Camera Photo,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Concert,×,/caryophylleous6554147.html,$114 HD,Yangmanini,Camera,Hand,42-,nitr,10,high-Performance,Electronics , Camera Photo,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Concert,×,/caryophylleous6554147.html,$114 $114 Yangmanini 10 × 42- Hand high-Performance HD Camera Concert nitr Electronics Camera Photo Yangmanini 10 × 42- Hand Attention brand nitr HD high-Performance Concert Camera

Yangmanini 10 × 42- Hand Super special price Attention brand nitr HD high-Performance Concert Camera

Yangmanini 10 × 42- Hand high-Performance HD Camera Concert nitr


Yangmanini 10 × 42- Hand high-Performance HD Camera Concert nitr

Product description

Use: These binoculars can be used for bird watching, traveling, to basketball games or other competitive sports, concerts and outdoor activities and is also the best gift for adults, elderly and children

Product name: Binoculars
Color Classification: PW10 × 42 (waterproof) holder, PW10 × 42 (waterproof), black 10 × 42 holder, black 10 × 42
Use: Handheld
Style: double pipe
Magnification: 10X
Objective lens diameter: 42 mm
Ocular: 18MM
Exit pupil diameter: 3.9 MM
exit pupil distance: 15MM
Focus System: Central Focus
Resolution: HD
Prism Material: BAK9
Size: 155 x 125 x 50 mm
Coating color: AR coating
Field of view: 102 / 1000M
Viewing angle: 5.8 °
Weight: 550G / 580G
Packing: packed

1. Due to different measurement methods, some errors occur.Please refer to the actual product.
2. If the chromatic aberration is low due to the intensity of light, please refer to the actual product.
If you have questions, you can contact us by e-mail, we will solve the problem as soon as possible for you.I am very pleased to serve you and look forward to the next cooperation and enjoy shopping

Yangmanini 10 × 42- Hand high-Performance HD Camera Concert nitr

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