$26 QUYUAN Electric hot Comb, Straight Heating and Ironing Comb, Des Beauty Personal Care Hair Care QUYUAN Electric hot Max 65% OFF Comb Straight Des Heating and Ironing $26 QUYUAN Electric hot Comb, Straight Heating and Ironing Comb, Des Beauty Personal Care Hair Care QUYUAN Electric hot Max 65% OFF Comb Straight Des Heating and Ironing QUYUAN,Comb,,hot,Des,Ironing,/caryophylleous6554647.html,$26,Straight,and,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Heating,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Comb,,Electric QUYUAN,Comb,,hot,Des,Ironing,/caryophylleous6554647.html,$26,Straight,and,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Heating,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Comb,,Electric

QUYUAN Electric hot Max 65% Purchase OFF Comb Straight Des Heating and Ironing

QUYUAN Electric hot Comb, Straight Heating and Ironing Comb, Des


QUYUAN Electric hot Comb, Straight Heating and Ironing Comb, Des

Product description


product description

1. Product: Professional ceramic plate hair straightener
2. Quick engagement: 60 seconds warm-up time
3. Best for: thick, thick hair straightener
4. The rotating thread will not be tangled, making your hair easier. It also contains an automatic shutdown function to increase security and prevent you from forgetting to leave it.


1. Fashionable and practical anti-burn fabric rope.
2. 360-degree rotation of the power cord can prevent tangles, allowing you to move at any time.
3. Heat to keratin-the ideal temperature of 210 degrees quickly.
4. Self-temperature lock to maintain consistent heat during use.
5. The ceramic coating board provides an amazing shiny and healthy surface.
6. Negative ions eliminate frizz, close the cuticle, create smooth and shiny hair, shape faster styling and reduce damage.
7. Suitable for all hair types.


1 x Comb curler (hot comb)


1. Do not use this product in a bathtub or other wet areas.
2. Please confirm that the product has no defects before use.
3. Please place it out of reach of children.
4. Do not store the device until the device has completely cooled down.

QUYUAN Electric hot Comb, Straight Heating and Ironing Comb, Des

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