LDIW New mail order Hand Push Toilet Multifunctional Wheel Chair Commode LDIW,/caryophylleous6591847.html,Wheel,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Toilet,Commode,Chair,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,$1055,Multifunctional,Toilet,Push,Hand $1055 LDIW Hand Push Toilet Chair Multifunctional Toilet Commode Wheel Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment LDIW New mail order Hand Push Toilet Multifunctional Wheel Chair Commode $1055 LDIW Hand Push Toilet Chair Multifunctional Toilet Commode Wheel Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment LDIW,/caryophylleous6591847.html,Wheel,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Toilet,Commode,Chair,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,$1055,Multifunctional,Toilet,Push,Hand

LDIW New mail order Hand Push Toilet Multifunctional Wheel Import Chair Commode

LDIW Hand Push Toilet Chair Multifunctional Toilet Commode Wheel


LDIW Hand Push Toilet Chair Multifunctional Toilet Commode Wheel

Product description

Ideal for the elderly or disabled to assist in mobility and transportation, Waterproof design makes it easy to wheel under a shower and be used as a shower chair

It is a good helper for the elderly and patients. This commode chair can be used as a commode chair, wheelchair, and bath chair. Don't hesitate, just buy it!

Name: Multifunctional Toilet Commode Wheelchair
Spindle: Solid steel column
Pulley: Medical silent pulley
Minimum pass width:
Lifting height:
Brake: Foot brake
Maximum load: 44.09lb(120KG)
Total weight: 39.68lbs(18kg)

1. The user must be able to sit upright, otherwise the user will lean to both sides!
2. The small wheel cannot pass the hurdles and is suitable for flat ground.
3. Someone must take care of the use, and the user cannot use it independently.
4. The bed bottom or the sofa gap is less than 15 cm can not be used, thinking that it can not be close to the bed and sofa.
5. When taking a bath, please put on the waterproof cover of the foot lift assembly.

We are manual measurement, there will be an error of about 1-3 cm, this is a normal phenomenon, if you mind, please don't take it.

THE BEST SERVICE: We are committed to the most perfect customer service! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, our customer service support team will get back to you within 12 hours!

LDIW Hand Push Toilet Chair Multifunctional Toilet Commode Wheel

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