Grater,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Lanka),Coconut,Scrape,Regnis,220v-250v,,Lakro(Sri,Electric,/caryophylleous6776647.html,$52 $52 Regnis Lakro(Sri Lanka) 220v-250v Electric Coconut Grater Scrape Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $52 Regnis Lakro(Sri Lanka) 220v-250v Electric Coconut Grater Scrape Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Regnis Lakro Sri Lanka 220v-250v Coconut Electric Scrape High quality new Grater Regnis Lakro Sri Lanka 220v-250v Coconut Electric Scrape High quality new Grater Grater,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Lanka),Coconut,Scrape,Regnis,220v-250v,,Lakro(Sri,Electric,/caryophylleous6776647.html,$52

Regnis Lakro Sri Lanka 220v-250v Coconut Electric Surprise price Scrape High quality new Grater

Regnis Lakro(Sri Lanka) 220v-250v Electric Coconut Grater Scrape


Regnis Lakro(Sri Lanka) 220v-250v Electric Coconut Grater Scrape

Product description

Electric coconut shredder ,"1 COCONUT IN 1 MINUTE".

Made in Sri Lanka.

220v model. If you need 110V item Please send us a message with your order.

This machine is for domestic use, to shred the coconut faster.

Regnis Lakro(Sri Lanka) 220v-250v Electric Coconut Grater Scrape

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