Linon,in,Wood,,Espresso,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Tori,/caryophylleous6777347.html,Kitchen,Cart,$341 $341 Linon Tori Wood Kitchen Cart in Espresso Home Kitchen Furniture $341 Linon Tori Wood Kitchen Cart in Espresso Home Kitchen Furniture Linon Large special price !! Tori Wood Kitchen Cart in Espresso Linon,in,Wood,,Espresso,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Tori,/caryophylleous6777347.html,Kitchen,Cart,$341 Linon Large special price !! Tori Wood Kitchen Cart in Espresso

Linon Large special price Indianapolis Mall Tori Wood Kitchen Cart in Espresso

Linon Tori Wood Kitchen Cart in Espresso


Linon Tori Wood Kitchen Cart in Espresso

Product description


The Tori Wood Kitchen Cart offers so much in the way of storage and organization, it is more than your ordinary cart. Featuring a grey and white granite top over a rich espresso base that coordinates with any kitchen décor and caps off ample closed storage options. Two large doors with brush nickel hardware open to expose slide out shelves. Four total drawers with full extension ball bearing slides for convenient organization. Three drawers feature solid wood partitions and the bottom is large enough for those big items.

Features :

Rich Espresso finish
Grey and white granite top
Two large compartments each with slide out shelf
Two drawers feature cube partitions for easy organization.
Drawer with wood partitions divided into three sections
Bottom Drawer is deep to hold those big items
Towel racks at both ends
Crafted from wood and granite
Heavy duty, locking casters for mobility and stability.

Specifications :

Assembly Required : Some Assembly Required
Product Dimensions : 52.38"w x 18"d x 35.5"h
Product Weight : 140 lbs.

Linon Tori Wood Kitchen Cart in Espresso

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