Soybeans,High,of,,(SOYA,(Pack,|,Bean),Health Household , Health Care,Gannon,EARTHLINGS,2,Protein,$32,/caryophylleous6852547.html Gannon EARTHLINGS Soybeans Sale item SOYA Bean High 2 Pack of Protein $32 Gannon EARTHLINGS Soybeans (SOYA Bean) | High Protein (Pack of 2 Health Household Health Care Soybeans,High,of,,(SOYA,(Pack,|,Bean),Health Household , Health Care,Gannon,EARTHLINGS,2,Protein,$32,/caryophylleous6852547.html $32 Gannon EARTHLINGS Soybeans (SOYA Bean) | High Protein (Pack of 2 Health Household Health Care Gannon EARTHLINGS Soybeans Sale item SOYA Bean High 2 Pack of Protein

Gannon EARTHLINGS Soybeans Boston Mall Sale item SOYA Bean High 2 Pack of Protein

Gannon EARTHLINGS Soybeans (SOYA Bean) | High Protein (Pack of 2


Gannon EARTHLINGS Soybeans (SOYA Bean) | High Protein (Pack of 2

Product description

Grade-A Non-GMO Soybeans, from USA. Soy is an excellent source of dietary fiber and protein. An excellent source of protein for Vegetarians and Vegans. Soy has beneficial on blood pressure and cholesterol and urinary excretion. Not only was their total blood cholesterol significantly lower, but their levels of HDL (good) cholesterol significantly increased. Make Soymilk, Tofu or a delicious Bean-soup for a comforting meal. EARTHLINGS - From The Nature's Bucket! :) No pesticides, No chemicals, No fertilizers No additives, No polish Cultivated in India and tasty and good for your health You will feel energetic Vitamins and Minerals Soybeans are a good source of various vitamins and minerals. Molybdenum: Soybeans are rich in molybdenum, an essential trace element, primarily found in seeds, grains and legumes (18). Vitamin K1: The form of vitamin K found in legumes is known as phylloquinone. It plays an important role in blood clotting (19). Folate: One of the B-vitamins, also known as vitamin B9 or folic acid. It has various different functions in the body and is considered to be particularly important during pregnancy (20). Copper: Dietary intake of copper is often low in Western populations. Copper deficiency may have adverse effects on heart health (21). Manganese: A trace element found in most foods and drinking water. Manganese is poorly absorbed from soybeans because of their high phytic acid content (22). Phosphorus: Soybeans are a good source of phosphorus, an essential mineral that is abundant in the Western diet. Thiamin: Also known as vitamin B1, thiamin plays an important role in many body functions.

Gannon EARTHLINGS Soybeans (SOYA Bean) | High Protein (Pack of 2

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