,TIWA,Rotating,Rotatable,2-Layer,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$42,360-Degree,Kitchen,Cabine,/cruet6194209.html,Shelf,,TIWA,Rotating,Rotatable,2-Layer,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$42,360-Degree,Kitchen,Cabine,/cruet6194209.html,Shelf, TIWA Rotating Shelf 2-Layer New life Cabine Rotatable Kitchen 360-Degree $42 TIWA Rotating Shelf, 2-Layer 360-Degree Rotatable Kitchen Cabine Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining TIWA Rotating Shelf 2-Layer New life Cabine Rotatable Kitchen 360-Degree $42 TIWA Rotating Shelf, 2-Layer 360-Degree Rotatable Kitchen Cabine Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

TIWA Rotating Shelf 2-Layer New life Cabine All stores are sold Rotatable Kitchen 360-Degree

TIWA Rotating Shelf, 2-Layer 360-Degree Rotatable Kitchen Cabine


TIWA Rotating Shelf, 2-Layer 360-Degree Rotatable Kitchen Cabine

Product description

Product name: Multifunctional rotating storage tray,
Style: simple
color: White
Material: high quality ABS+TPR
Scope: Kitchen
Purpose: storage and placement
Suitable for scenes: kitchen, bathroom

If you have any questions, please email us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

TIWA Rotating Shelf, 2-Layer 360-Degree Rotatable Kitchen Cabine

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