$193 BLLXMX Coffee machine home automatic dripping American small ele Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining automatic,machine,home,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,small,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,dripping,American,BLLXMX,/cruet6195309.html,ele,Coffee,$193 automatic,machine,home,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,small,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,dripping,American,BLLXMX,/cruet6195309.html,ele,Coffee,$193 BLLXMX Coffee machine home automatic American small Deluxe ele dripping BLLXMX Coffee machine home automatic American small Deluxe ele dripping $193 BLLXMX Coffee machine home automatic dripping American small ele Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

BLLXMX Coffee machine home automatic American small Deluxe Credence ele dripping

BLLXMX Coffee machine home automatic dripping American small ele


BLLXMX Coffee machine home automatic dripping American small ele

Product description

Product description:
Coffee / tea, multi-purpose machine
750w power, fast brewing
1.25L large capacity, enough to share
Intelligent insulation board, intelligent insulation
One-button operation, drip filter extraction
Anti-drip device, ready to lift
Automatic insulation, warm inlet
Stainless steel, stainless steel panel
Product parameters:
Switch type: LED button amp;LED display button
Coffee machine principle: drip type
Coffee machine capacity: 1.2L
Rated power: 750 (W)
Coffee maker classification: high borosilicate explosion-proof glass pot
Coffee machine type: fully automatic
Filter village quality: high density nylon village quality
Function: coffee, tea
Grinding method: fresh grinding
Mode of operation: manual
Packing list: machine filter, coffee pot,Stainless steel grinder Washed grinder, coffee beans

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BLLXMX Coffee machine home automatic dripping American small ele

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