$216 Byakns Barbell Weightlifting Bench Press Bench Press Stand Adjus Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Byakns Barbell Weightlifting Bench Adjus Press Stand Cheap SALE Start Byakns Barbell Weightlifting Bench Adjus Press Stand Cheap SALE Start Press,Bench,Byakns,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Bench,/cruet6554409.html,Weightlifting,Adjus,Press,$216,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Barbell,Stand Press,Bench,Byakns,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Bench,/cruet6554409.html,Weightlifting,Adjus,Press,$216,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Barbell,Stand $216 Byakns Barbell Weightlifting Bench Press Bench Press Stand Adjus Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Byakns Barbell Weightlifting Bench Adjus Press Stand Cheap Free Shipping New SALE Start

Byakns Barbell Weightlifting Bench Press Bench Press Stand Adjus


Byakns Barbell Weightlifting Bench Press Bench Press Stand Adjus

Product description

Our Squat Racks Barbell Racks Bench Press Stand Weight Lifting Rack Provides Adequate Training To Anyone From Beginners Through To Advanced Athletes, For Individual Muscle Workouts Or Combination Exercise For An Entire Muscle Group.
Name: Squat Rack
Material: High Quality Bold Steel Pipe
Steel Pipe Specification: 50x50×1.5mm
Maximum Load: 200kg
Net Weight: 15kg
Function: Barbell/Squat/Bench Press/Weight Lifting
Suitable For The Crowd: Fitness Men And Women
Applicable Location: Gym/School/Family, Etc.
Package Includes:
Squat Shelf (Barbells And Dumbbell Stools Not Included In The Package)
1. Before Each Use, Check That The Locking Pin Is Fully Inserted And That All Nuts And Bolts Are Tightened.
2. To Prevent Injury, Be Sure To Warm Up Properly Before Training.
3. After Eating, Wait 1-2 Hours Before Training.
4. Excessive Or Incorrect Training Can Harm Your Health.
5. This Device Must Be Used On A Flat Surface.
6. Before Exercising, Remove Jewelry, Rings, Chains, Pins Or Other Things That May Get Stuck.
7. We Only Sell Shelves, Not Barbells, Stools And Other Reference Items.
8. If You Have Any Questions During The Purchase Or Assembly Process, Please Feel Free To Contact Us, I Will Always Be At Your Service!

Byakns Barbell Weightlifting Bench Press Bench Press Stand Adjus

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