Color,Duvet,Pure,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Light,,Lixmuno,Bedding,Mint,3pcs,/fighteress6554797.html,Green,Set,Cover,$46 latest Lixmuno Pure Mint Green Color Duvet 3pcs Bedding Cover Set Light $46 Lixmuno Pure Mint Green Color Duvet Cover Bedding Set 3pcs Light Home Kitchen Bedding Color,Duvet,Pure,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Light,,Lixmuno,Bedding,Mint,3pcs,/fighteress6554797.html,Green,Set,Cover,$46 latest Lixmuno Pure Mint Green Color Duvet 3pcs Bedding Cover Set Light $46 Lixmuno Pure Mint Green Color Duvet Cover Bedding Set 3pcs Light Home Kitchen Bedding

latest Lixmuno Pure Mint Popular brand Green Color Duvet 3pcs Bedding Cover Set Light

Lixmuno Pure Mint Green Color Duvet Cover Bedding Set 3pcs Light


Lixmuno Pure Mint Green Color Duvet Cover Bedding Set 3pcs Light

Product description

Size:Extra Long Twin 71 x 83 \ 19 x 29 in

This magical and colorful bedding set can be the center of a kid's or adult bedroom with its beautiful pattern.Each package comes with 1 duvet cover and 2 pillowcases(NO COMFORTER INSIDE).Its material is microfiber so it is very soft, smooth, and safe for kids.

The bedding is printed with a high quality reactive printing technology so it will not fade, you can wash it below 30¡« but do not bleach or dry on high temperature.

Size Information
Twin Size 3pcs Set :
1* Duvet Cover:79 by 59 inches
1* Pillowcase:19"" x 29""

Extra Long Twin Size 3pcs Set :
1* Duvet Cover:83 by 71 inches
2* Pillowcase:19"" x 29""

Full Size 3pcs Set :79 x 91 \19 x 29 in
1* Duvet Cover:91 by 79 inches
2* Pillowcase:19"" x 29""

Queen Size 3pcs Set : 88 x 90 \19 x 29 in
1* Duvet Cover:90 by 88 inches
2* Pillowcase: 19"" x 29""

King Size 3pcs Set :
1* Duvet Cover:102 by 90 inches
2* Pillowcase:19"" x 29""
Weight: 1700G

California King Size 3pcs Set : 106 x 92 \ 20 x 36 in
1* Duvet Cover:106 by 92 inches
2* Pillowcase: 20"" x 36""

About us
We are committed to home textile for a long time.We strive to create products using the finest textiles possible at reasonable prices.
We have techniques that include better stitching, stronger weaving, and more fashion design.
Please believe us,if you choose MeiRongSen, we will make you 100% satisfied!

Duvet cover can protect your duvet/comforter from dust and decorate your bedroom.Our duvet cover set is friendly to your skin and with no chemicals.You worth it!

Notice:Due to differences in monitor settings, there may be a slight variation in color on screen,versus the actual material.

Lixmuno Pure Mint Green Color Duvet Cover Bedding Set 3pcs Light

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