Beginners,Trumpet,,Trumpe,,Musical,Silver,Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra,Instrument,,$86,for,/fighteress6555097.html,Snufeve Beginners,Trumpet,,Trumpe,,Musical,Silver,Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra,Instrument,,$86,for,/fighteress6555097.html,Snufeve $86 Snufeve Silver Trumpet, Musical Instrument, for Beginners Trumpe Musical Instruments Band Orchestra Snufeve Silver Trumpet Musical Instrument Trumpe Beginners for Very popular! Snufeve Silver Trumpet Musical Instrument Trumpe Beginners for Very popular! $86 Snufeve Silver Trumpet, Musical Instrument, for Beginners Trumpe Musical Instruments Band Orchestra

Snufeve Silver Trumpet Musical Instrument Trumpe Beginners for Very popular Max 54% OFF

Snufeve Silver Trumpet, Musical Instrument, for Beginners Trumpe


Snufeve Silver Trumpet, Musical Instrument, for Beginners Trumpe

Product description


1. Made of high‑quality brass, with correct pitch and and exquisite design.
2. Beautiful appearance, excellent silver painting process, clean color, uniformity, and flawless.
3. The keys are welded firmly, with silver plated mouthpiece, brings you great playing experience.
4. The brass trumpet tone is bright and has high voice permeability, with strong penetrating power.
5. Standard Bb trumpet, can play both a loud horn and a beautiful and singing melody.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Bb Trumpet
Material: Brass
Color: Silver

Package List:

1 x Trumpet

1 x Mouthpiece

1 x

Snufeve Silver Trumpet, Musical Instrument, for Beginners Trumpe

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