400-500,Warm,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,LED,Improvement,Dimmable,SMD,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,80,LM,G4,5W,Home,5730,$21,/fighteress6776597.html $21 Home Improvement Dimmable G4 5W 80 LED 5730 SMD 400-500 LM Warm Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs Home Max 88% OFF Improvement Dimmable G4 5W 80 Warm 400-500 5730 SMD LED LM Home Max 88% OFF Improvement Dimmable G4 5W 80 Warm 400-500 5730 SMD LED LM $21 Home Improvement Dimmable G4 5W 80 LED 5730 SMD 400-500 LM Warm Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs 400-500,Warm,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,LED,Improvement,Dimmable,SMD,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,80,LM,G4,5W,Home,5730,$21,/fighteress6776597.html

Home Max 88% OFF Improvement Ranking TOP20 Dimmable G4 5W 80 Warm 400-500 5730 SMD LED LM

Home Improvement Dimmable G4 5W 80 LED 5730 SMD 400-500 LM Warm


Home Improvement Dimmable G4 5W 80 LED 5730 SMD 400-500 LM Warm

Product description

Rated Voltage:AC 220V/110V
Connector Type:G4
Color BIN:Warm White Cool White
Chip Type:5730 SMD
Total Emitters:80 LED
Actual Lumens:400~500 lumens
Color Temperature: 2800-3200K/6000-6500K
Beam Angle:360°
QTY: 1pcs

Home Improvement Dimmable G4 5W 80 LED 5730 SMD 400-500 LM Warm

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