Wall Mounted Dealing full price reduction Drop-Leaf Folding Table Down Fold Desk Dining Dining,Fold,Drop-Leaf,$188,Desk,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Mounted,/fighteress6777697.html,Down,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Wall,Table,Wall,Folding $188 Wall Mounted Drop-Leaf Folding Table Wall Desk Fold Down Dining Home Kitchen Furniture Dining,Fold,Drop-Leaf,$188,Desk,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Mounted,/fighteress6777697.html,Down,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Wall,Table,Wall,Folding Wall Mounted Dealing full price reduction Drop-Leaf Folding Table Down Fold Desk Dining $188 Wall Mounted Drop-Leaf Folding Table Wall Desk Fold Down Dining Home Kitchen Furniture

Wall Mounted Dealing full price reduction Drop-Leaf Folding Table Down Fold Desk Dining Cash special price

Wall Mounted Drop-Leaf Folding Table Wall Desk Fold Down Dining


Wall Mounted Drop-Leaf Folding Table Wall Desk Fold Down Dining

Product description


■ Multi-functional for Use in Various Sites - You may place your laptop on it or hold your favorite magazines in your study room, and using it as a dining table will also be fine. In your bathroom, it can also be your cosmetics holder.
■ This folding table wall is fixed to the wall by fastener securely at any level you want. Also very good for children.
■ Can be mounted on the wall at height to suit. E.g. bar table height, or dining table height. Also suitable for children.
■ Folds flat against the wall when not in use.
■ Maximum load: 50-80kg, natural wood material.

● Durable board with harmless and odorless paint
● Functional table desk stand
● Space saver block storage bench,folding and putting is convenient
● Multifunctional table for use in study, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room or on balcony.
● Easy to cleanwith a clean damp cloth
● Humanized sleek edges effectively reduce harm to your hands
● Simple design increases the feeling of nature and purity

【Product Parameters】
- Material: 304 stainless steel brushed veneer, melamine finish, 25mm thickness MDF
- Table dimension: Size optional (Length) x (width).
- Color classification: stainless steel Color
- Apply for: Children amp; Adults.(Living room/bedroom/kitchen/office/Study.)
- Packing: 1 x Folding table (Collocation items in product images are not included in the package).

* Trust us we will solve any problems for you !
* We are committed to provide customers the best quality products with the lowest price!

Wall Mounted Drop-Leaf Folding Table Wall Desk Fold Down Dining

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