Henglong 6.0 Outlet sale feature Plastic German Panzer III H Tank RC 3849 RTR $103 Henglong 6.0 Plastic German Panzer III H RTR RC Tank 3849 Toys Games Vehicles Henglong 6.0 Outlet sale feature Plastic German Panzer III H Tank RC 3849 RTR /forelay6851779.html,RC,III,H,3849,RTR,Toys Games , Vehicles,6.0,Panzer,Henglong,Plastic,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,German,$103,Tank /forelay6851779.html,RC,III,H,3849,RTR,Toys Games , Vehicles,6.0,Panzer,Henglong,Plastic,covid.nandicounty.go.ke,German,$103,Tank $103 Henglong 6.0 Plastic German Panzer III H RTR RC Tank 3849 Toys Games Vehicles

Henglong 6.0 Outlet sale feature Plastic German Panzer III H Popular popular Tank RC 3849 RTR

Henglong 6.0 Plastic German Panzer III H RTR RC Tank 3849


Henglong 6.0 Plastic German Panzer III H RTR RC Tank 3849

Product description

HengLong RC tank is hobby grade but not toy grade, we expect our buyer is capable of learning how to maintain this tank, coz the tank parts will wear and get glitches in running. Lacking manipulative ability will reduce your enjoyment of playing the tank.
Only suitable for players with manipulative ability,
Not suitable for people without interest to maintain the tank and exchange parts.
Not suitable for people too busy to learn from seller about how to use and maintain, though we are always kind to tell you how to use and maintain the tank.
Please be cautious to buy this hobby product, this tank only suitable for people age above 14!

Item Condition:
New and maybe some tanks are refitted(upgraded) by us(if you mind, please ask first before buying), so please read carefully before purchasing.
If you need me to upgrade your tank, we would like to help.

The package includes:
Radio controller
BB pellets
Infrared combating Transmitter(supporting multi-player tank war)
Infrared combating Receiver
Idle smoking generator
English manual book(Don't rely on manual book, BECAUSE sometimes the book is wrong and outdated)

Metal Parts:

Non Metal Parts:
Tank body
Driving Gearbox
Road wheels
Sprockets and idler wheels

Henglong 6.0 Plastic German Panzer III H RTR RC Tank 3849

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