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Brian Tooley BTR Stage 2 Truck Camshaft Springs, Vortec Truck Ca


Brian Tooley BTR Stage 2 Truck Camshaft Springs, Vortec Truck Ca

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Size:Camshaft, Spring Set and Gasket Kit

V2 CAMSHAFTS: Specific Advantages Revised Camshaft Centerlines For Increased Average Torque Engine Dyno Verified To Produce More Power USA Based OEM Tier 1 Supplier - These Camshafts Are Made To LAST. Each "Stage" Is Born From It's Own Specific Cam Core. NO GENERIC CORES USED. Because Of The Specific Core Per Cam, Maximum Heat Treatment Penetetraion Is Achieved.

Brian Tooley BTR Stage 2 Truck Camshaft Springs, Vortec Truck Ca

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