Office,,47,Desk,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Desk,$56,Tab,Need,Computer,Folding,/frisket6776866.html,inches,Workstation Need Computer Desk Office Workstation 47 Bargain sale Folding Tab inches Need Computer Desk Office Workstation 47 Bargain sale Folding Tab inches Office,,47,Desk,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Desk,$56,Tab,Need,Computer,Folding,/frisket6776866.html,inches,Workstation $56 Need Computer Desk Office Desk Workstation 47 inches Folding Tab Home Kitchen Furniture $56 Need Computer Desk Office Desk Workstation 47 inches Folding Tab Home Kitchen Furniture

San Francisco Mall Need Computer Desk Office Workstation 47 Bargain sale Folding Tab inches

Need Computer Desk Office Desk Workstation 47 inches Folding Tab


Need Computer Desk Office Desk Workstation 47 inches Folding Tab

Product Description



Material: E1 standard particle wood + Heavy duty powder-coated metal frame.

Size: L47" * W23.7" * H29.5";


Perfect as computer desk,computer table,office desk, training table, writing desk,dining table, meeting table, exhibition table etc.

Suitable for home and office.


Folding design:

No assembly required, it can be opened and folded in a few seconds for easy storage.





1 2 3 4 5 6
AC5 Small desk AC5 Computer desk AC5 Large folding table AC5 Long folding desk AC11 L folding desk AC7 Activity table
Size: 31.5 inches 39.4 inches 55.1 inches 63 inches 55.1 inches 47.2 inches
Color: Teak Teak Teak Teak Teak Teak
Assembly required: X X X X X

Need Computer Desk Office Desk Workstation 47 inches Folding Tab

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