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LHJJ Max 44% OFF Clear Tarps NEW Heavy Duty Tarp with Transparent Waterproof Gr

LHJJ Clear Tarps Heavy Duty, Transparent Tarp Waterproof with Gr


LHJJ Clear Tarps Heavy Duty, Transparent Tarp Waterproof with Gr

Product description


Our transparent waterproof cloth has a wide range of uses. Our transparent tarps are often used to protect furniture and other items in the attic. It serves as a tarp for camping trips and other outdoor activities. This is the perfect cover for the greenhouse. Use it to protect boats, leaky roofs, truck platforms and more!


Material: PVC

Color: transparent

The package includes:

1x transparent waterproof cover cloth

Easy to install: There is a metal hole every 40 inches on the edge of the product. You can pass a rope or hook through the hole to fix the tarp

The recommended large size is not to be suspended vertically, otherwise the buttonhole may not be able to bear its own weight.
The sizes listed are cut sizes, the final size of each size is shortened by approximately 20 cm, and all measured tolerances are +/- 5%
The package only contains this product, the picture does not contain any decorative items.

LHJJ Clear Tarps Heavy Duty, Transparent Tarp Waterproof with Gr

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