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New service product 21 V Lithium-Ion Impact Wrench Electric Torque 21+3 Clutch Kit

21 V Lithium-Ion Impact Wrench Kit, 21+3 Torque Clutch Electric


21 V Lithium-Ion Impact Wrench Kit, 21+3 Torque Clutch Electric

Product description

Style:With 2 Batterys

This 21 Volt Brushless Cordless Impact Wrench is designed for automotive repair, is suitable for all people whether have experiences.It can save your time dealing with any hard work, like removing tires from cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, and trailers, automotive repairs, major construction projects, heavy equipment maintenance, or product assembly. This product could provide you with excellent quality experience. Also, with a full of package, you could get all what you need.It is a great gift for people that like to work on cars.


2-Speed Adjustment

21+3 Torque Adjustment

3/8"(10mm) Keyless Chuck

Variable Speeds from 0 - 1350 RPM.

Safety Check, prevent accidental actuation.

LED Lighting, illuminate your workplace and show how much power left.


Quantity: 1

Impact frequency: 0-1350rpm

Torque: 25 N-M / 20 FT-LBS


Max Diameter of chuck:10mm

Product List

Cordless Drill ×1

Battery pack (2000/10C)×2

Plastic box package ×1

Fast charge charger ×1

Screwdriver (long strip)×10 (different drill bits)

Screwdriver (short bar)×10 (different drill bits)

Hexagon screwdriver holder×1

Brad angle drill bit 2m-3m-4m-5m-6m-5 / 16''m (6 pieces in total)

Socket wrench 6m-7m-8m-10m (4 pieces in total)

21 V Lithium-Ion Impact Wrench Kit, 21+3 Torque Clutch Electric

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