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Low Noise Hair Cutting Machine Barbershop Use OFFicial Bargain sale Trimmer for f

Low Noise Hair Cutting Machine Hair Trimmer for Barbershop Use f


Low Noise Hair Cutting Machine Hair Trimmer for Barbershop Use f

Product description


1. Automatic grinding, can use for a long time without being blunt, quick cutting and shaving, ensures the sharpness of hair shaving.
2. The powerful motor is quiet and low noise, special designed for men use.
3. Low noise protection, quiet comfort low noise designs, reduce noise interference to children.
4. The high speed durable motor cut is cleaner and runs more quietly. It can cut thick hair, neck, beard, moustache, perfect for different kinds of hair styles.
5. 3H Charging time and 5H using time, come with 4pcs guide combs.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Hair Clipper
Material: ABS
Battery Capacity: 1200mah
Current: 5V - 1000MA
Battery Type: battery
Battery Model: 18650
Rated Power: 10W
Charging Time: 3H
Usage Time: 5H
Guide Comb Size: Approx.
3mm / 0.12in
6mm / 0.24in
10mm / 0.39in
1.5mm / 0.06in

Package List:

1 x Hair Clipper

Low Noise Hair Cutting Machine Hair Trimmer for Barbershop Use f

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