$70 LIAODEHENA Outdoor Bamboo Roller Blinds,Made of Natural Reed Han Home Kitchen Home Décor Products covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Reed,Natural,$70,LIAODEHENA,Bamboo,/immodestly6194375.html,Blinds,Made,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Roller,Outdoor,Han,of covid.nandicounty.go.ke,Reed,Natural,$70,LIAODEHENA,Bamboo,/immodestly6194375.html,Blinds,Made,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Roller,Outdoor,Han,of Popular brand LIAODEHENA Outdoor Bamboo Roller Blinds Reed of Natural Han Made Popular brand LIAODEHENA Outdoor Bamboo Roller Blinds Reed of Natural Han Made $70 LIAODEHENA Outdoor Bamboo Roller Blinds,Made of Natural Reed Han Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Popular brand LIAODEHENA Outdoor Bamboo Manufacturer OFFicial shop Roller Blinds Reed of Natural Han Made

LIAODEHENA Outdoor Bamboo Roller Blinds,Made of Natural Reed Han


LIAODEHENA Outdoor Bamboo Roller Blinds,Made of Natural Reed Han

Product description


Natural reed curtain roller shutter bamboo blinds-old-fashioned decorative grass curtain-waterproof and dustproof partition-used for outdoor and indoor

Name: Natural reed curtain
Material: reed, cloth, rope, etc.
Cleaning: wipe with clean water
Craft: Purely handmade
Hand mode: roll type (rope system)
Specifications: 1*1m, 1*2m, 1*2.5m, 1*3m, 1.5*2m, 1.5*2.5m, 1.5*3m, 2*2m, 2*2.5m, 2*3m
Working principle: Install a lifter, which can lift the curtain by pulling the rope
Functional effects: decoration, shading and ventilation, sun-shading and sun protection
Applicable scenarios: wall decoration, suspended ceilings, curtains, curtain partitions, sun shades, etc.

Cleaning instructions: Wipe and clean the reed curtain with a dry and damp cloth.
Relevant size: custom-made reed curtains are hand-cut, and the size error of 1~3cm is normal.
Related pictures: The product pictures are all real shots, due to different monitors, there is a slight color difference,
Please refer to the actual item received.

LIAODEHENA Outdoor Bamboo Roller Blinds,Made of Natural Reed Han

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