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Limited time cheap sale Aooaz 108 Sales of SALE items from new works Length Curtains 2 Polyester Farmhouse Panels

Aooaz 108 Length Curtains, Farmhouse Curtains Polyester 2 Panels


Aooaz 108 Length Curtains, Farmhouse Curtains Polyester 2 Panels

Product description

Color:W108" X H96"(274x244cm)

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Fine Weave Technology:
3 Layer Thicken Polyester
1.Outer:Smooth and Delicate Polyester
2.Middle:High-precision Shading Barrier
3.Inner:3D Printed Exquisite Pattern

2 Panels Total Width x Height:108x96IN (274x244CM)

Package Include:
2 Panels Blackout Curtain.

Shading Performance:
Heavy Microfiber Blackout Curtains
Block out 98% sunlight,give you a good sleeping time.

Exquisite Workmanship:
Fine Sewing
Add weight on the bottom
Bring a better falling sense to the drapes

Ideal Gift and Perfect Decoration:
Perfect in living room,bedroom,nursery room, kids room and coffee shop.
The fashionable pattern help to create dramatic atmosphere.

Easy to Care:
Machine washable and hand washable.
Please don’t add any bleach when cleaning.

Please Understand:
Please allow a little error of the color between the product and picture.
Please allow a little error of the size because of manual measurement.

Aooaz 108 Length Curtains, Farmhouse Curtains Polyester 2 Panels

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