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ZRABCD Regular dealer Ladders Step Ladder Home mart 4 Folding Stool Stools

ZRABCD Ladders Step Ladder Home Step Stools,Folding Step Stool 4


ZRABCD Ladders Step Ladder Home Step Stools,Folding Step Stool 4

Product description


★Welcome to My Shop, I Hope You Can Buy Your Favorite Step Stools, All Products in This Store Are Inexpensive, Quality and Price Absolutely Match, Please Rest Assured to Buy!

【Material】: Pine Wood

【Chair Size】:40×46×90Cm / 40×39×90Cm (As the Picture Shows)

Package Includes: 1 Stool

Non-Slip Design, Easy to Use.

Heavy Load, Adults and Children Are Suitable.

Safety and Environmental Protection, Ladder Design, You Can Sit Can Tread.

Realistic Shooting, Shooting Lighting, Visual Effects and Personal Opinions Will Produce Certain Colors.

Welcome to Our Store! If You Have Any Doubts, Please Contact Us!

We Try Our to Soe Your Problem. Please Give Us an Opportunity to Resoe Any Issues You May Have.

ZRABCD Ladders Step Ladder Home Step Stools,Folding Step Stool 4

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