Coffer,Desk,,$177,/immodestly6195275.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Adjustable,L,for,Table,C-Shaped,Laptop,Bamboo,,Snack Bamboo C-Shaped Laptop Desk free shipping Adjustable for Coffer L Table Snack $177 Bamboo C-Shaped Laptop Desk, Adjustable Snack Coffer Table for L Home Kitchen Furniture Bamboo C-Shaped Laptop Desk free shipping Adjustable for Coffer L Table Snack Coffer,Desk,,$177,/immodestly6195275.html,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Adjustable,L,for,Table,C-Shaped,Laptop,Bamboo,,Snack $177 Bamboo C-Shaped Laptop Desk, Adjustable Snack Coffer Table for L Home Kitchen Furniture

Over item handling Bamboo C-Shaped Laptop Desk free shipping Adjustable for Coffer L Table Snack

Bamboo C-Shaped Laptop Desk, Adjustable Snack Coffer Table for L


Bamboo C-Shaped Laptop Desk, Adjustable Snack Coffer Table for L

Product description

This end table can be used as tall end table, lamp table, displaying table, or simply accent piece, to add stylish for your living room or office.

Package List
- 1 × Side table (The matching product in the product image is not included in the package)

Product Name: C-side table
Furniture structure: bracket structure

Product Features:
Rectangle fashion and simple design, saving space, muiti-Multifunction end table,it is a Practical furniture.

Product maintenance:
To avoid direct sunlight, to avoid drastic changes in temperature and humidity

Due to the material and natural characteristics, color depth, lines, strip marks and other differences can not be avoided, such problems do not belong to quality problems

- Product size pure manual measurement, the error in 1-2cm, the specific subject to prevail.
- It's can't avoidable that you will receive the rack with some smells from original material as it's brand new. The smell will be gone if place the rack in freely circulating air for 2-5 days.

Bamboo C-Shaped Laptop Desk, Adjustable Snack Coffer Table for L

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