Girl Figure Skating Dress Long Open Memphis Mall Sleeve Classic Back Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Open,,Girl,Skating,/immodestly6591275.html,Classic,Figure,Long,Back,Sleeve,$121,Dress Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Open,,Girl,Skating,/immodestly6591275.html,Classic,Figure,Long,Back,Sleeve,$121,Dress Girl Figure Skating Dress Long Open Memphis Mall Sleeve Classic Back $121 Girl Figure Skating Dress Long Sleeve Open Back Classic Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $121 Girl Figure Skating Dress Long Sleeve Open Back Classic Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

Girl Figure Skating Dress Long Open Memphis Mall Sleeve Classic Classic Back

Girl Figure Skating Dress Long Sleeve Open Back Classic


Girl Figure Skating Dress Long Sleeve Open Back Classic

Product description

★We are a professional skate wear manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. We are proud of our exquisite design, high quality fabrics and Sparkling rhinestones.

Gender: Girls, Women
Occasion:Competition/Performance/Skating parties
Activity: Figure Skating, Ice Skating, roller skating, Winter Sports, Professional Competitiona, Training Competition, Rhythmic Gymnastics, baton swirling dress, Skating Leotards
Material: Spandex
Elasticity: High Elasticity
Quantity: a dress and a piece

★ The ice skating dresses can also be personalized to the images you submitted,As the original manufacturer, our customer service team will receive professional feedback within 24 hours!

★Note : Skating suits are personalized and we do not accept returns.Delivery Time Is 5-7 Days Later Than The Normal Delivery Time, Please check the required date carefully before buying, and give us enough time to customize the skate skirt that suits you.

★If you can't determine the right size according to our size, you can send us your measurement details as a list.

1. body ____ cm
2. Weight: ____ kg
3.Hip _____ cm
4.Waist: _____ cm
5.Bust:_____ cm
6.Torso Girth: _____ cm (● Measured from the shoulder through the crotch and back up to the shoulder)
7. Sleeve length: _____ cm

★Quality Service: If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Us I Wish You A Happy Life.

Girl Figure Skating Dress Long Sleeve Open Back Classic

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