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Headband Human safety Hair Wigs Body Selling rankings Wave Scarf Lace No for Front

Headband Human Hair Wigs Body Wave No Lace Front Scarf Wigs for


Headband Human Hair Wigs Body Wave No Lace Front Scarf Wigs for

Product Description

Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Headband Wig Glueless Human Hair None Lace Wigs for Black Women Body Wave Headband Wig

body wave handband wigs

vanlov 100% Unprocessed Virgin Brazilian body wave headband wigs human hair,8A Grade Brazilian Human Hair Wigs Body Wave None Lace Front Wigs.No shedding,no stangle,can be dyed and bleached.The body wave headband wigs human hair is none lace front machine made wigs, you can use your own pre-pucked baby hair to look more natural.The medium size fits the majority of women's head. small and large sizes can be customized.With the strictly quality controlled and checked,Factory with more than 20 years experience.We have all kinds of headband wigs human hair and lace front wigs human hair.

Body Wave Headband Human Hair Wig

About None Lace Front Wigs

Cap Type: Glueless None Lace Front Wigs, New Velcro Snapping Design,Water Wave Headband Wigs.

Cap Size: Medium Size Cap (22"-22.5") in Stock.

Cap Structure: Glueless Human Hair Wigs with 4 Combs and Adjustable Straps, It Can Fit Most People Perfectly, Easy to Wear, Only Takes 2 Minutes!!!

Body Wave Headband Human Hair Wig

Wig for Black Women

Brazilian Virgin Human Hair

Glueless None Lace Front Wigs

About cap size

Glueless Body Wave headband Wigs

How to care your headband wig?

1. Detangle hair gently by hands before washing.Do not rub or twist hair

2. It is normal that there is few strand shedding when comb it with fingers at the first time

3. Wash and condition the hair with moisturizing hair care products at least every 1-2 weeks

4. Don't restyle the hair too often too hard,or the hair will easily get dry and the knots will be damaged

5. Have hair to dry naturally.Do not expose to sun or dry by hair drier.Put essential oil to soft hair after wash

Glueless None Lace Front Wigs Boby Wave Machine Made Wigs

Why choose us?

vanlov human hair are premium quality human hair, which were cut off from one young lady directly, have no chemical treatment,no synthetic, or animal hair.you can restyle as you like and wear in any occasion with confidence.

Headband Human Hair Wigs Body Wave No Lace Front Scarf Wigs for

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Do you care for someone vulnerable?

If you care for someone who's vulnerable they may be at more risk from fire. Here's how to keep loved ones or clients safe.

Advice for carers and support workers
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